We all need time to disconnect from the hectic stresses of life and replenish our souls. Retreats are one to release burdens, to quite the noise that keeps us from hearing our own inner wisdom and to reengage with life renewed.


Mother Daughter Retreats

These retreats are offered four times a year based on the 4 Seasons and the 4 Archetypes: The Healer, The Warrior, The Visionary, The Teacher.  Designed for Moms and Daughters to have a time set apart from day-to-day stresses to connect in meaningful dialogue, to play, to rest, to exercise, engage creativity and experience one another in a new way. What do you vision for your life? And your daughter? What leadership traits can you learn from one another? 

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Sabbath Retreats

Sabbath retreats are offered for those who are in ministry (professionally or in a lay capacity) who serve others and are in need of soul care. Various spiritual practices are incorporated in a half day retreat where rest, renewal and reengagement are the focus. Retreats are tailored to suit adults and/or youth.  Practices of: Praying in Color, the Prayer Labyrinth, Centering Meditation, Lectio Divina are just a few offered and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


Retreats are an incredibly powerful way to connect with your loved ones and yourself. Our retreats are ongoing and vary in cost and duration. To learn more, please contact us today.