South Charlotte Psychotherapy


Individual Psychotherapy

Michelle’s hope is to meet you where you are in your journey and that you feel met, seen, honored and understood. With care and respect for your own pace and processing, her intention is to help you glean insight and heal places of pain that may cause you to feel “stuck” or “unsure”  of your unique self. Michelle offers individual therapy for adolescents (13 yrs old) and adults who may struggle with anxiety, co-dependency, depression, grief, parenting and trauma.


Couples Counseling

Before and after the “I do’s”, Michelle offers the Prepare Enrich curriculum for premarital work and helps marriages through the various life stages and stressors of couple-hood. With attentiveness toward your goals for your marriage, she offers effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and provides an opportunity and space to understand patterns form the past that hinders present closeness and connection.


FAmily Therapy

Creating a safe space for all family members to experience one another in a new way, Michelle helps families through developmental stages, grief, understanding the impact of a diagnosis or addiction on the family system and what it means to create a new culture as an integrated family.


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If you're ready to make a change, I would love to come along side as you heal and discover what it means to move towards a greater sense of individual and relational wellness.