Classes for Individuals, Couples, and Parents

Michelle is a speaker and teacher/facilitator on topics such as faith and mental illness, grief, co-addiction, divorce, transition of life stages, family systems, lay leadership, small group training and spiritual practices.  Classes offered can range from a half day to a 6 week series. With a desire to learn and teach, Michelle welcomes opportunities to share relevant current research and ways to promote healthy creative systems for effective change.



A set of 9-12 Premarital Sessions designed to equip the engaged couple understand themselves, their family of origin and one another as they embark on Happily Ever After. Communication, Money, Conflict Resolution, Faith, Intimacy are just a few of the topics covered. Long after the wedding cake is cut and the thank you notes have been written, this investment in your marriage lasts a life time.

Making Marriages Work

Based on the book  The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, by Dr. John Gottman, this 8 week class looks at typical stages of marriages, qualities that can help create a safe haven within your marriage, discuss the importance of friendship, communication skills and conflict resolution as well as what it means to live out Happily Ever After with grace.



Blessings of a skinned knee

This witty and wise book on parenting will help you feel prepared for not just another school time launch, but place you and your family on a path of raising centered, resilient, ethical and compassionate children. In a culture where competiveness and entitlement seem to be the norm of the day, reading this book as a community will help you feel equipped and not so alone as the ‘Meaniest Mom/Dad” in the world!  This book covers important every day topics (meal time battles, chores, whining, and allowance) with scripture as an anchor for helping parents raise respectful, resourceful, independent children. 6 week class.

Depression: Shadows and the Light of Life

This 6 week class address the many facets of depression. The difference between and co-morbidity with anxiety, depression and anger, depression and medication, depression and faith, depression and loss, depression and daily living. Each topic highlights current research, affective treatment plans and spiritual practices.



Family, Systems and Seasons of Change

A class designed to help parents understand the shifting dynamics of what it means to be a family where change, belonging, launching and creating family values can be discussed through a theological lens of covenant love, unconditional love, empowerment and grace so that growth and maturation can occur.  

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Michelle's variety of classes are helpful, fun, and can help you discover something new as you travel along your life's path. For more information about any of the classes above, reach out to Michelle today.